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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Eye Opener

Last night Jerod and i has supper with some great friends from Brasil that were back in town.  Jeff and Diane are missionaries in Rio and have been there for a few years now.  Jerod and i met them for the first time when we were in Brasil in April and stayed a few extra days at their home. We all instantly got along and they are so much fun to be around!!

After supper we walked through the mall and my eyes were once opened again.  Diane had received a pair of Keen sandals in exchange for a pair of Brasilian Haviannas.  (Which are THE best flip flops in the world!)  So, in Brasil, these little flips can cost anywhere from $6 - $35 American dollars.  Diane's sandals were pretty nice so they were on the higher.  The mall had a Scheels inside so we went in to find out how much these Keens were.  When we went down the escilator, Jeff looked in front of him at the racks of cloths and sporting goods and said, "Do we really need all this?"  Now i had to remember that they've been in Brasil for a while and anytime you come back into the states, even if it's your home country, you will have culture shock.  His statement got me thinking and remembering what it's like in other countries.  The luxuries we have here are endless but yet so often taken for granted and people are left with wanting more.  

We found the Keens and they were exactly $95.  Diane had been blessed!  But really, she had been blessed regardless of what the price was.  

One of my favorite pictures i took in Brasil was of this little old ladies feet.  I could tell a lot about her by her feet.  And my eyes were opened again.  


Anonymous said...

aweeee, thats so nice u were able to spend time with them. That reminds me...do u still have those black havianas u got 4 me?

KB said...

mo, i forgot all about them! YES, i have them! let me know what address u want me to send them to!


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