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Saturday, September 20, 2008


It seems like there are so many decisions to be made lately...

Jerod and I went to the first doctor appointment yesterday for our new baby!  The location we went to doesn't do ultrasounds, we'll get one next week, but we were able to hear the baby's heart beat!  It was amazing!  I didn't expect to tear up when i heard that but i did.  :)  Because of this little addition (or maybe two, still hoping for twins!) we need a bigger house!  As Mariah said, "I think we outgrew it before we moved in!"  I think she's right!  Moving all my stuff in after we got married 2 years ago was a task, but then cleaning out the farm house because mom moved was a whole nother project.  There are many things that i have now of my dads, and some you don't know what to do with but you know you're not ready to part with them.  So our basement is full and we need more than 2 bedrooms!  But, we are believing and praying for a new home!  God will make it clear to us for our next steps! :)

My next decision has to do with the photography business.  With limited money at the moment, it's critical that i wise decisions on what it's spent on.  But i think i'm going to go ahead and get the Totally Rad Actions.  I really like some of the things you can do with them on photos and it would save time, which i like.  i see they are having a sale until tomorrow, so i need to get that done.  

My logo is still in the process.  i've firmly decided on what to use, no second thoughts on that.  the next step is getting my idea in my head onto the computer screen.  i've been in contact with my old graphic art teacher from college and she's given me some great insight.  so i'm going to use what i know and what i've learned and get started at it.  

i also need to make the decision to post more.  this is hard for me to do.  could be because i'm on the computer most of the day at work, so when i come home i don't want to get on it again, i'd rather be outside.  or it could be because i was never much for keeping a diary or journaling, so this comes difficult to me.  but whatever the reason, i need to do a better job at it!  because i know, the blogs that i check and don't post for a while, i tend to overlook the next time!  and i don't want people to do that with mine! 

So, it's time to act on some decisions. 

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