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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Backlight and Flare

Like I wrote about yesterday, I've been practicing a few things with my camera. I think backlight photos are beautiful and for a while, wasn't the best at achieving them. But like I said I've been practicing and here's a couple that I came up with.

This is one of my new favorite pictures of Jerod and Nathan.


(The tree shot doesn't contain the best composition, but I like the fact that I can still see detail in the tree without completely blowing out the leaves.)


And, just because every post is better with a picture of Nathan... here he is! :)


All three of these photos are SOOC so if anyone has any suggestions on how to make them better, please let me know! I'd love the advice!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Practice, Practice, Practice

Out of all the information I've gathered from other professional photographers, one thing stays the same... practice!  

The other night, Nathan and I were outside and I was messing around with the depth of field.  (It's so nice having digital so I can see the results right away!)  Here is what I came up with...

I used the 80 m lens, f/22.  To me, the result is kind of a flat looking picture since you can see the detail on the sidewalk (which also needs to be swept!)

This next shot was also with the 80 m, but this time the f stop was 1.8, wide open. I think shooting wide open produces a creamier image. Jerod didn't like this one though because the middle flowers were out of focus. Can't please everyone right? :)

So, which shot do you like best?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Enjoy The Ride

This past weekend, Jerod and I headed to one last graduation party.  It's neat to see kids that you know finish this step of their lives.  

Nathan has been a trooper too and has come along to them all.  He did pretty good with all the people that wanted to hold him.  But really, how can you NOT resist holding him??!! :)

On our way out to the graduation party this past Friday, I stopped for a moment and took it all in.  Jerod and I in the '65 Chevy, with Nathan in the middle.  Windows down and a nice warm breeze.  It was a beautiful day.  It was a moment that I realized once again, how thankful I am for the people I have in my life.  Life is good, and I'm enjoying the ride.


AND, Nathan rolled over for the first time tonight! :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Best Sandals - Ever!

Jerod and I went to Des Moines this afternoon and came across my favorite flip flops, ever! Havaianas!  They just made an appearance in the states the past few years.  The sandals I once thought I could only buy in Brasil are now for sale at your local Younkers (and Dillards.)  Of course, the price is quite a bit higher here and the selection not nearly as good, but it's nice to know that when I need a new pair, I don't have to wait until the next time I go to Brasil to pick them up.  

Here is the next pair I would like to get.... Brown Tops Metallic! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sneak Peak

This past Saturday was quite a day. Nathan and I helped teach a baby sitting class in the morning and the evening was full of graduation parties. In between that, I went to Hidden Acres and helped my good friend Elly of E Photography, photograph her sister-in-laws wedding. Even though it was windy in the morning, it turned out to be a beautiful day!

Here's a sneak peak!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Switching Modes

It's almost been 4 months since my last day of work at Madison County Extension office.  In these 4 months, there have been days when I've missed my job... the people I work with, the deadlines, the challenges, everything that goes with it.  And at times, it even seems like a vacation compared to staying home and raising a child!  :)

Early this month, the Lord brought it to my attention that I should volunteer to help out at the office.  A lot has happened since I left in January.  The office got a complete makeover, which is wonderful!  But budget cuts have also been made that have affected jobs, which isn't so wonderful.  So through all this, it's been a VERY BUSY 4 months for everyone at the office.  Last week I went in a few hours to help get things organized for the new 4-H CYC that started yesterday.  It felt good to help out and it was also a nice change of pace from being at home.  I did bring Nathan with me and he did a good job at playing and napping!  :)  

While I was there, I realized that I am in the exact place where I'm supposed to be.  I will admit, in these last few months, I've wondered if starting a photography business is the right step for me to take.  It was nice to get that paycheck every two weeks.  And I really enjoyed having a job where tasks were different every month.  But I was also reminded that my job is not my provider, my God is!  And really, are any two days with Nathan the same??  Hardly!   

So I now see why the Lord put it on my heart to go in and help out... for two reasons...
1.  To show me that I am in the exact spot where I'm supposed to be right now and
2. To be a blessing to others by volunteering my time.

I'm sure glad I didn't ignore Him by staying at home on the couch, watching t.v. and eating bon bons! :)  

Friday, May 15, 2009

It Still Is

I just came across this on Natalie Norton's blog, and I think the message to this is great... enjoy!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Joys of Being a Mom

This past Sunday was such a fun day as a mom! Jerod got me the nicest cards, one from him and one from Nathan that he even signed himself... with a little help from dad! It's great to be a mom and I'm so thankful that I am!

On another note... it's a good thing Nathan likes to take baths... lately, he likes to pee all over when we change his diaper! :)


Friday, May 8, 2009


The other day I made a list of all the things I want to have finalized for the photography business. One of those items is finding a new printing lab. So I'm checking out a few printing labs before I make my final choice. Here are a few of the photos I sent in to have test prints made.

I should be receiving them back soon! Can't wait!





Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Reads: Part 1

I have always enjoyed a good book.  When I was younger I used to read under the covers with a flashlight while I was supposed to be sleeping! :)  The past couple years, I haven't read as much as I used to or liked to.  But that's about to change. 

A couple weeks ago, I heard about a book called "Do Hard Things".  It's written by 19 year old twin brothers, Alex and Brett Harris.   I was able to borrow the book and ended up reading it pretty quickly.  What impressed me was the things that these twins and other teens around the world are accomplishing at such a young age. 

The book talks about doing 5 different kinds of hard things.  
1.  Hard things that take you outside your comfort zone.
2.  Hard things that go beyond what's expected or required.
3.  Hard things that are too big for you to do alone.
4.  Hard things that don't pay off immediately.
5.  Hard things that go against the crowd. 

Even this book is geared towards teens, I really go a lot out of it.  It really got me thinking about the hard things in my life, things that I want to do, but used to think they were too hard.

Jerod ended up buying the book the other day and now he's reading it.  I think it will be a good gift also for some teens that are graduation from high school.


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