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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Switching Modes

It's almost been 4 months since my last day of work at Madison County Extension office.  In these 4 months, there have been days when I've missed my job... the people I work with, the deadlines, the challenges, everything that goes with it.  And at times, it even seems like a vacation compared to staying home and raising a child!  :)

Early this month, the Lord brought it to my attention that I should volunteer to help out at the office.  A lot has happened since I left in January.  The office got a complete makeover, which is wonderful!  But budget cuts have also been made that have affected jobs, which isn't so wonderful.  So through all this, it's been a VERY BUSY 4 months for everyone at the office.  Last week I went in a few hours to help get things organized for the new 4-H CYC that started yesterday.  It felt good to help out and it was also a nice change of pace from being at home.  I did bring Nathan with me and he did a good job at playing and napping!  :)  

While I was there, I realized that I am in the exact place where I'm supposed to be.  I will admit, in these last few months, I've wondered if starting a photography business is the right step for me to take.  It was nice to get that paycheck every two weeks.  And I really enjoyed having a job where tasks were different every month.  But I was also reminded that my job is not my provider, my God is!  And really, are any two days with Nathan the same??  Hardly!   

So I now see why the Lord put it on my heart to go in and help out... for two reasons...
1.  To show me that I am in the exact spot where I'm supposed to be right now and
2. To be a blessing to others by volunteering my time.

I'm sure glad I didn't ignore Him by staying at home on the couch, watching t.v. and eating bon bons! :)  

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