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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finding Paul in KC!!!!

This is THE sign!!!

Finally, the correct Roe Ave.!!! Attempt #2 on Thrusday!

The right street for the right QT, with Shell cadycorner...

The wrong Roe from atempt #1 on Wednesday...

The wrong QT sign that was visited on Wednesday afternoon!!!!

THE RIGHT QT!!! But no Paul!

Ok, so i've really been following DJ's blog and the videos they post about finding the "little people" to win $500 showit cash! I really want to win this, but had to head back home to Iowa so i sent my friend Scott on the mission for me! He left work yesterday to go to QT on Roe, arriving and not seeing Paul in sight! So i sent in my comment under the Paul video saying that we didn't find it. i noticed that DJ said, for Denver, that the person might not be there, just be the first to post a video! So i called Scott back today and told him to head back there. He didn't have a video camera with him and wouldn't be able to video tape it until tomorrow after work. But he was on the road heading back to his office so he said he'd stop by the QT again and take pictures and send them to me. He sent the pictures and i noticed that it was the WRONG QT SIGN!!! (See pics above!) This QT logo was at the top with the gas prices underneath. i got on the phone with him and told him it was off of 435/50. He said his A.D.D. must of kicked in (his words, not mine) because he went to I-35 instead of 435!!!!

He happened to be on the road again between meetings and said that he would try to find the right QT. i looked up the QT headquarters in KC on the internet, called them and got the address and phone number for the QT on Roe. Then i mapquested it, sent it to Scott and then googled the QT, zooming in on the store through the video cam to make sure it was the right one! It was!!!! Scott arrived in 20 min. and called me saying that it was the right one, but Paul wasn't there. However, the duct tape is still there, proof we were in the right spot this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So DJ, i'm asking (and possibly begging) if someone random (like the landscaping guy) came up and took Paul down and no one claims that they found him, could you find it in your big heart to accept this effort?!!?? :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Free To Succeed Tour

Monday I'll be going to Kansas City and I'm really excited!  I'll be listening to 2 top photographers, David Jay and Jasmine Star!  Both of them are such an inspiration!  

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Ok, so now that I know that Maureen is officially the only one who checks my blog :) I better post today, even though I don't have much to write about!  

Today I took all the 4-H exhibits up to the State Fair from our county.  This is always a hectic day up there, I ended up staying and helping until noon.  After that I entered my home made bread in the open class division.  The only reason that I did it is because first place was $200 and I'm saving for a new 5D. The class was called American Family Heirloom Bread.  I entered my grandma's bread that was actually featured in the same magazine in 1952.  That was pretty cool!  But points were only awarded 10% on story.  There were 22 entries and many good ones to choose from!  I didn't place though, but that's ok...really this was only my second time that I've ever baked bread!  I'll keep practicing though, maybe next year! :)

After that I went to the a store to pick up tools that my husband had worked on.  We will never go back there, enough said! 


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