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Monday, September 1, 2008


Once I got out of school, I didn't think I would ever see homework again!  Boy was I wrong!  :)  When I left the Free To Succeed workshop, Jasmine Star sent me home with homework!  She and DJ did such a great job that night speaking!  It was so worth the trip down to Kansas City and I am so thankful that I attended while my photography business is still in the making!  Because of the things I learned, I can make sure that I do them right the first time!  

So back to the homework, J* discussed the importance of branding and finding out who you are.  It reminded me of some assignment that I had in English class with Mr. Waldron.  :)  So I've been thinking about branding the past few weeks and importance of it.  Starbucks has a brand that is known all over the world.  The same goes for the photography industry.  J* just rebranded her image and it looks great!  Same idea, with just a different twist.  

The other morning as I was getting ready for my day, I was praying and talking to the Lord about what brand should be used for the for Him photography business.  And instantly, it came to me.  It's so perfect and as soon as it came to me I though, "of course!"  God is cool!  I won't be saying what it is yet, right now I'm working on colors for it, but once it's ready, I'll be sure to let you all know!  So I guess I could say that my homework is almost completed! :)  

Here are some pictures from the night of the workshop!

ok, for some reason an ERROR keeps showing up when i try to load the pictures.  And since i don't feel like being in front of the computer much today, i'll have to try again some other time!


Anonymous said...

I feel like I havent stopped doing homework since college..... just a different type. :0

Dawn B said...


Thanks sooo much for leaving me a post! I get all "giddy" when I hear from new photographers...I also have a tendancy to ask way too many questions! I'll keep it short...how did you get started and did you take classes, online forums, etc. to build your skill? Your blog is awesome....mine is really new, so I will be doing some changing around with the photos, etc. and I want to get some more pics up after I learn all the features on my camera. But it so soooo fun! When will you go fulltime? Take care!

Dawn B said...

Hey Katherine,

Just wanted to check in and see how the "branding" is coming! I'll be excited when you show what you came up with. Let me know if you had a easy or hard time deciding on it.



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