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Friday, June 12, 2009

Like A First Day On The Job

One thing I have always enjoyed about a new job is the learning process, simply because... well it's new!  I have always been one to catch on pretty quickly by watching and learning from others or following the pace of what was done before me.  

Now with a new photography business, things are a bit different.  I don't have someone to follow or follow me like with my first waitress job.  And since this is a new business, I'm starting from square one.  There are no files one the computer showing me the best method of organizing photos and invoices and I don't yet have a speedy way of post processing.  I'll be honest, I'm not THAT fond of sitting in front of a computer for hours!  Which can definitely drag on the learning process. 

But, I am bound and determined to get it!

So, if you're a photographer and have a great tip on what helped you learn the in and out's, I would really like to hear it! :)


Brittney Hale Photography said...

so funny you posted this cause i am just about to send you an email about proofing. have a great day!!!

Katherine Bowman said...

oh, I can't WAIT to read it! :) Thanks Brittney!


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