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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hole Shots

On our way to church this morning we drove past the motor cross track that is only a couple miles from our house and saw that it was race day. 

Jerod and his friend Scott used to race a few years back.  So they're always up for catching a flight or riding their motorcycles across country to see a good race.   2 years ago I went with them and watched the race at Millville, Minnesota and I've been hooked ever since.  I can sit and watch Dust To Glory over and over.  So after church, of course we went to the race!

Nathan really wanted to take a nap after church, but we took him to the race instead!  :)  As we walked over, another group of riders were getting ready to go.  Ok, if you've never been to a motor cross race, the hole shots are the BEST!  I can't even describe the sound and smell, you just have to be there in person!!  (Click here to get an idea) Nathan did cry on the first one, but after that he watched with the rest of us.  

And if you're wondering if Nathan ever got his nap in, yes he did. :)


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