Hi, I'm Katherine Bowman from Iowa and I'm blessed to be living out the dreams that the Lord has placed in my heart! Having a photography business has been a dream of mine for many years. I feel that now is the right time to take the next steps and make it a reality. I am passionate about my relationship with Jesus Christ, my family, Brasil, staying fit, traveling, and of course photography. This blog is a reflection of myself. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or leave a comment below. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Odd Hours

When I was younger and grew up on the farm, I could sleep through anything!  Like the night our neighbors barn burned down, or when storms came through and thunder would rattle the old windows around my bed.  I've always been able to sleep really well and i see that as a blessing.  But lately, I've noticed that I awake at strange hours.  Sometimes I'm not sure why and other times it's because i feel the need to pray.  

The morning of Black Friday, I awoke at 2:20 a.m. because I had to use the bathroom!  I think the baby is using my bladder as a pillow! :)  I tried to go back asleep but couldn't so i thought i should make good use of that time!  So I went shopping!  :)  This morning I awoke at 4:15 a.m. as Jerod got ready to go deer hunting.  So instead of going back to sleep, I got on the computer to check out other photographers blogs.  I'm looking for some great photo ideas for shoes.  You see my wonderful friend Elly is getting married on the 20th and has asked me to take pictures.  And since it's a winter wedding she's not going to be wearing just any shoes, no, she'll be wearing some big furry boots!  We found them yesterday with her mother-in-law to be at ALDO and they are so FUN!!!  I can't wait!

Yesterday I also got to hold the new Canon 5D Mark ll in my hands and shoot with it and I.LOVE.IT!!!!  


Brittney said...

I think your body has a way of helping you prepare when baby arrives- helps you get use to waking up often in the middle of the night. Sad thing is, you will probably never get a good nights sleep again. Its been years since ive slept through the night even if my kids do and i use to be able to sleep any where any time and through anything---good luck!!

Brittney said...

oh by the way- was the 5d all its cracked up to be? what are you shooting with right now? cant bite the bullett to invest in that just yet- plus its probably over my head anyways.

KB said...

Hey Brittney! I was also wondering if my body was getting ready for this new transition! :)

I think the 5D is great! But really, anything would be an improvement since I am shooting with a Rebel! If i do end up getting it, i'm going to make sure that I use it to it's full capability!

Danielle said...

Katherine, do you have a website for your work? I wanted to add you to my fav photo sites (I love Jasmine* too!) but I didn't see any info on that. But I'll definitely add your blog. :) I love finding another "sister" who loves photography as I do....it's refreshing! Bless you!

Katherine Bowman said...

Hey Danielle! At this time i don't have a website, but plan on getting one at some point soon, i really like David Jay's sites! Since I'm starting out, i decided to stick with a blog for a few months to get things going and build up my pictures and go from there. Yeah, that's so good to know that i have a "sister" checking my blog! Do you have one? :) Have a great day!

Danielle said...

I'm just starting out too! :) My website is www.photolayne.com. It mostly consists of random shots I've been collecting over the last year or so. I'm working here and there but am in school still (NYIP)and want to finish that course before I go full blown. I looked at David Jay's Showit software and it looks really good! I'm considering that also. One thing at a time though! lol I tend to run full blast and then get myself in trouble. :) But I could seriously do this fulltime. I love it. Keep shooting away! Talk to you soon!


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