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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Last night I read in a Joyce Meyer magazine about one of her mission organizations in India that gives free medical care to people that live in the slums.  I was the most surprised by the illnesses that they had... many that could have been avoided by a healthy diet.  For example, most of the people just eat rice and bread, with little or no protein.  The foods aren't washed properly and they get parasites and worms.  Sewage isn't disposed of properly which infects their drinking water.  One thing that really struck me though was children who would eat mud. They were anemic and because of that, they craved dirt which had traces of iron that their body desperately needs.  
When I read about living conditions in other countries, I am very thankful for what I have.  The Lord has blessed America whether we see it or not, it's true.  So I'm thankful for my small but cozy home, my family, my job, food to eat and my ability to worship my Lord and Savior.  And I'm thankful for all those who fight and have fought for this county.  

Despite the lack of luxuries and even shoes, this boy had a smile a mile wide!!  

-Neitroi, Brasil


Anonymous said...

That boy is tooo cute! OHHH do I miss Brasil!

KB said...

I think Brasil misses you too Maureen!!! :)


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