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Friday, September 25, 2009

Photographing Weddings

You know it's funny... it happened years ago, when I KNEW that I wanted to do photography full time. I intended to do families, children or seniors... it didn't matter to me, as long as I didn't do weddings!

I DID NOT want to be a wedding photographer! "Because you only have one shot at it. You can't go back and redo that day." This is true, but I used to think that when I didn't have as much confidence in my work. I also didn't want the hassle to deal with any of the "awful stories" that I've heard from other photographers.

But right now, I can honestly say that shooting weddings has become my favorite! There's just something about that day, the atmosphere, the emotions, the details...

I had the pleasure of helping my friend Elly of e photography do another wedding. The weather was perfect that day, the bride was stunning and the couple is so in love.













Beki said...

love love LOVE! that first photo! I typically cringe at tilted photos, but that one is perfect! Great work!

cherish.photography said...

love love love those flowers! great work!

Anonymous said...


amanda thiessen said...


Brittney Hale Photography said...

these are so great... totally love the one of her laying on his knee. and the detail shots- fabulous as well. hows that cute little fam of yours doing?

Cristi said...

Aren't weddings the best?! LOVE!
Great job on the photos :)

Power Up Love said...
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Power Up Love said...

Great photos...I especially liked the wedding rings, and the butterfly on the hand.

arnab rahim said...

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