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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

46 Days Late

Yesterday, out of the blue, I suddenly realized that my license had expired on my birthday... which was 46 days ago.  I knew there was something about 30 days expired, but what about the other 16?  Jerod said I should go get a new one that afternoon.  My idea to wait until tomorrow for a better hair day was rejected... so we went.

The man who issued the licenses recognized me from helping at the bottle calf show this past Saturday.  He had 3 kids enter calves and one of them was the little boy who named his calf Dead Red.  Just saying that made me laugh out loud!  I remembered his son and he has also won first place in his class!  (More on that story later!)  Anyways, while I was standing there to get my picture taken I was still half way laughing about that name.  After my license was ready, Jerod wanted to see the picture.  He thought it was good, I on the other hand, thought my name should read Gums or Teeth.  Needless to say, my smile was pretty big!  

Thanks Dead Red!  


Anonymous said...

ok. this story just has me cracking up all around. Definitely not a "city moment" hehehee

Triumphant Victorious Reminders Copyright © 2009 said...

That is so cute...don't you love the drivers license photos? Dead Red will be a reminder every time you look at your photo... :)


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