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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beware Of The Dream Killers

The other night, Jerod and I watched a DVD by Cathy Duplantis called "Beware of the Dream Killers".  She talked about the dreams that people have in their hearts that the Lord put there and how you can do nothing with them or you can cultivate them.  

I've realized these past few weeks, when I tell people that I'm going to stay home with the baby and start a photography business, they don't have the same excitement that I do.  Their eyes may get a little bigger and they'll say, "Oh."  You can just see the doubt on their faces.  It may be the way the economy appears or because it's photography, but I see the doubt is there for them.  But after listening to Cathy speak, she reminded me that they may not be excited because my dream isn't THEIR dream.  The Lord didn't put that dream in their heart, He put it in mine!  They're not the ones that have talked to God about it, I have!!  :)  And so, I have peace and soooo much excitement about my dream! :)  


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Don't let ANYONE put doubts in your mind about the dreams that God has given you!!!! I agree, we all have different dreams, and pursuing them is part of our journey, not theirs. I am extremely proud of you for what you are leaping into and cannot wait to see the fruit it produces :) Love you!!!!

Katherine Bowman said...

Mo, thanks so much for the encouraging words! :)

Heidi Abbott said...

Katherine - First, thanks for coming by my site and for sending me some "love". I'll send you back an email, but I just wanted to respond to this post. I was a youth pastor and it was time to step down. During the month the Lord was leading me to that step, He was also implanting a dream into my heart about my photography/design business. I had a specific word from Him about His desire for me to "Thrive", not just survive. So, naturally, my business is named Thrive Creative Studio. I can relate to the "oh" statements of people, but I just pressed in knowing God was for me and He would put His favor on everything I do for His glory. I have by no means taken my city by storm with my mad photography skills, but God has opened up so many doors and continues to bless me with new clients and creativity.

So, go for it Katherine. God's got your back and He will equip you!


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