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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Not Enough

The one thing that i love about Jasmine Star's blog is that she posts so frequently and also that she's real.  I told myself that i was going to blog more often, like 5 times a week at least. Because i haven't been doing it enough.  I visited another photographers blog a few minutes ago and not much had changed since the last time I looked at it, about 10 days ago... and because of that, i don't check it as much either.  But with Jasmine's i check it daily.  And then I got to thinking that i don't have anything interesting to write about or any fabulous photos to post.  Do people really want to know about my days at work, coming home for an hour and then back to work for a night meeting?  I wouldn't think so.  So i got on J*'s old blog to see what she wrote about when she was just starting out.  And many of her posts don't have photos either, but she was real.  And spoke the truth.  I think that's what i like the most.  So here i go...

I've been putting together a few ideas for the business.  I started making a list of all the things that i would like to have and use for photography.  Everything ranging from lenses, a new camera, lightening equipment, what print lab to go through, everything!  I was thinking about this about an hour ago and got stumped.  Or a little overwhelmed if you will.  There really is so much to think about and invest in.  Sometimes it seems confusing and other times i think i'm getting it.  When i make a decision i tend to really think about it.  Like it were my last meal.  Just ask Jerod when we go out to eat.  But then again, i don't want to think so much about this stuff that i put it off either.  Sometimes i have a tendency to postpone something if i don't understand it.  I learned that about myself at a previous job.  I don't often ask for help.  But i think that maybe i should this time.  

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Christine said...

I am right there with you on the thinking thing! I think too much and too long, and it takes too long to do anything! ;-) I read your comment on Jasmine's blog, and wanted to say congrats! I was also at the FTS KC stop....so sad that we didn't get to meet and network then. I'm just starting out and would love to compare notes with someone in the same position now and then. I would love to hear from you if you are interested! lagirasolita@gmail.com


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